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Active Shooter Training

Our workplace active shooter training course was created by Jeffrey Loman an experienced law
enforcement veteran and is intended to help employers, schools and employees enhance their
preparedness for the worst-case scenario of violence in the workplace. LoTrain Consulting provides
guidance on how to react, protect oneself, and hel
p others in the event of an active shooter or mass
shooting incident. There have been countless national tragedies at schools, public events, and in the
workplace. The risk that they pose is real. There is no warning, and an active shooter incident can
happen at any time. This course was created to help enhance preparedness for the worst-case Active
Shooter violent scenario. Our workplace active shooter training cou
rse helps you prepare so that when
seconds count, employees are ready to take an active role in their safety. The training will cover topics
such as recognizing warning signs, evacuation procedures, lockdown protocols, and interacting with law enforce
ment during such emergencies. The goal is to enhance personal safety and reduce  casualties in high-stress, life-threatening situations.










What employers and employees will receive from this training:
Our active shooter training will provide employees with a comprehensive awareness of active shooter
incidents and premeditated violence in the workplace and focuses on offering best practices,
techniques, and strategies for maintaining a safe and secure workplace.
Our expert trainers will provide realistic scenarios and practical solutions to increase the odds of survival
and minimize casualties during an active shooter incident in the workplace
Active Shooter Awareness training drill (optional) where employees will return to their work stations
and the trainer simulates an active shooter incident
The course will include a comprehensive discussion examining options to help mitigate the effects of
critical active shooter incidents that apply to other environments outside the workplace, such as open
spaces, education, residence, airports, hotels, conference centers, houses of worship, healthcare,
financial institutions, commerce, and other places associated with job functions.
The course will analyze and offer an overview of recent and historical active shooter workplace attacks
in the U.S., concentrating on survival techniques and practical strategies.
Confidence about being a survivor, not a victim
And so much more!!

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