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Who Needs a Career Transition?

The questions below resonate with the many LoTrain Consulting career transition clients:

  • Are you unhappy in your job and you can’t figure out why?

  • What makes you feel that your job doesn’t align with who you are?

  • You used to love your job but not anymore. What changed?

  • How did you get to this point in your career? Is this what you were meant to do?

  • Is the grass greener on the other side? How will you know?

  • How do you find a job that lets you try new things and/or earn more?

  • Did you ever take the time to figure out what you really wanted to do? Is now the time?

  • Discover skills, interests, values and personality traits and how they fit into your career. Learn more about career exploration methodology.

  • Identify and investigate new industries and careers that fit your goals.

  • Learn more about our career discover methodology.

  • Create a strategy to brand yourself through resumes, networking, social media and interviewing. Learn about our branding methodology.

  • Take control and achieve your goals by creating your action plan and executing it. Learn more about our job search strategy methodology.​​

  • Our career transition services will help uncover who you are and what drives you, identify careers that are right for you and create a plan to make that career change a reality!

Discovering the right career starts with understanding what drives you. Exploring your values, interests, skills and personality through coaching, homework and assessments gives you a framework for evaluating careers. After discovering potential careers and making a decision on your next career path, we help establish your brand and devise your strategy for completing your career transition.

Discuss the changes you want to make in a free initial consultation by contacting us today.

The Benefits

LoTrain Consulting career transition services follow a proven methodology that will empower you to:

  • Formulate career goals and a path to achieve them

  • Identify job and career characteristics that align with your values, interests, skills and personality

  • Understand how to assess career opportunities

  • Position your unique set of skills and experience for a given career

  • Create and implement an action plan to achieve all of your goals

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