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Resume and Cover Letter Reconstruction

       Resume and Cover Letter Review​​

Whether you are newly entering the job market or have been working for several years with a wealth of experience, to apply for a new position, you’ll need a professionally written resume if you want to be competitive.

Your resume may be your only opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer. 

Don’t let your resume be a barrier to getting your foot in the door.  With a professionally written resume, you can have confidence that your resume has effectively presented your experience, skills and abilities to potential employers.

At LoTrain Consulting, we know that when employers receive high volumes of resumes to consider, they may only have time to glance briefly at your resume, initially. Therefore, our professionally written resumes are prepared with an emphasis on presenting your employment history, goals and professional assets as well as the ease of reading your resume and its visual appeal.

Applying for a job can be time consuming, and creating resumes that accurately and effectively represent you is often one of the more difficult tasks you have to undertake.

Leave it to the professionals at LoTrain Consulting to get your resume noticed by potential employers. 

We will make sure that it is of professional quality so that it stands out when viewed by potential employers, whether we write a brand-new resume for you or revise one you already have.

We will make sure that your resume is concise and easy to read so that potential employers can effortlessly find information that is most relevant to the job you are seeking.

If you already have a draft of your resume', we proofread and edit your resume' for minor changes, such as grammar, punctuation, spelling, and word choice. We revise your resume' for major changes, such as re-phrasing sentences, and/or redesigning your ideas/accomplishments. And we eliminate unnecessary words, phrases, and entire sections of the resume', when necessary.

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