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                   Law Enforcement

                    Peace Officer Promotional Assistance


We stand behind our product! Ask us about our first session for free for individuals and groups!!!

The first initial intake session with LoTrain Consulting is typically 1.5-2 hours.

Coaching is available by telephone, video call, or in-person

We offer specialized, expert interview coaching for current peace officers that are aspiring to promote at their current agency or to another agency.   Jeffrey and Lynette are both experienced in writing the interview questions that you will get in the assessment centers. We will  prepare you to  present a  professional image and have organized responses. You will be confident and  the interviewing panel will view you as a person who will be  highly desirable and  a successful candidate.  Jeffrey and Lynette have helped candidates perform extremely well in police, law enforcement and  other oral board interview examinations. When you hire us, we become your coach and consultant to give you tools to help you obtain the promotion the you are seeking to continue your stellar career  up the law enforcement ladder.

For peace officer’s that need assistance with a promotion for one of the below positions,  we offer mock interviews, in basket exercises,  scenarios that are relevant  and topical to your agency.

  • Corporal

  • Detective

  • Sergeant

  • Lieutenant

  • Captain

  • Commander

  • Major

  • Deputy Chief

  • Assistant Chief

  • and yes  even Chief of Police!


LoTrain consultants are well versed in all aspects of  every level of the peace officer promotional process. They stay on top of topical peace officer issues and skills that command staff of your department  are looking for in future leaders .


How Will LoTrain Consulting Prepare You?

Your assigned consultant  will start with a brief informational interview where we ask you about the job you are seeking and what you feel your deficiencies are. We then will complete a diagnostic mock interview with you. It’ll help us calibrate your current interview performance. From there, we’ll offer an assessment of how you’re currently performing.  We will explain what’s working, what’s not, and how to improve it. Then, much like a physical therapist, the consultant will start working with you on a variety of exercises to develop your personal brand and interview responses, tailored to you.

At the end of the first session, the consultant may  email you notes, summarizing areas of improvement and exercises they’d like you to complete before the next session.


We develop personalized  tutorial plans for you after an  intake  interview  that will include and is not limited to the following:


Common Exercises:

  • Written Exercise

  • Structured Interview

  • Group Discussion

  • Oral Presentation

  • In-Basket

  • Role-Play (Subordinate Conference)

  • Emergency Scenario (or Tactical Exercise)


Types of Dimensions Assessed:

  • Organizational and Technical Skills

  • Management and Practical Skills

  • Tactical Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Leadership Skills

  • Communication and Presentation Skills

  • Written Communication Skills

Promotional  Interview Sample Topics We Will Prepare You For:

  • “Tell us About Yourself  And What Have You Done to Prepare Yourself for This Promotion

  • Oral Resume Answers

  • Ethics Answers

  • Leadership Answers

  • Implicit Bias

  • The Use of Body Camera’s in Policing

  • Delegation Answers

  • Community Policing Answers

  • Planning and Organizing Answers

  • Performance Counseling Answers

  • Discipline Answers

  • Conflict Answers

  • Situation/Incident Answers

  • Why are you the best candidate for promotion?

  • How will you handle supervisory situations?

  • How and when should you recommend formal discipline?

  • How will you resolve conflicts?

  • How will you counsel a poor-performing employee?

  • Closing Statements and much more


Let us coach you for success! 

Live Oral  Practice Interview & Feedback !!!!!

Over the years, law enforcement candidates have told us that the Applicant Oral Interview Board is clearly the most stressful part of the entire application process.

Successful job interviewing is a skill that can be learned and developed. Law enforcement recruits often interview many times with many agencies before achieving "passing" marks.

Jeffrey and Lynette  offer you the opportunity to participate in a live,  "Oral Interview" (practice session), complete with (1) immediate feedback from the  panel/interviewers and (2) suggestions for improvement.

Our career transition services will help uncover who you are and what drives you, identify careers that are right for you and create a plan to make that career change a reality!

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